Features of TVTap – A Detailed List of Features of TV Tap

TVTap is an excellent application, and when it comes to its features, it will blow your mind. As this application is relatively new in the market so the chances are you might not be aware of it.

If it is the case, then don’t worry.

Because here I am going to describe all the essential details about the TV Tap application and I am damn sure you will love it.

Those users who are new to this guide or application might not be aware of the purpose of the application for them; I have described all the important as well as basic things about the TVTap on our this page.

What is TVTap App?

TVTap is an Android application that is designed to provide the facility of the live TV to the users. With this application, you can watch more than 150 TV channels from around ten countries in 5 different languages.

The application was designed by keeping the free users in mind, that is why there is a free as well as a pro version of the TVTap application that you can use as you need. The free version has almost all the features which pro version have.

List of the Supported Devices

Due to a huge number of the Android users, most applications are also developed for the Android devices. That’s what happened with the TVTap application. Firstly, it was designed for the Android devices but as the demand of this app increased the developers developed this application for some other devices, and now you can download TVTap Apk for Android TVTap iOS for iPhone and below version for their relative devices.

  • Android Boxes
  • For Firestick
  • All type of Kodi Devices
  • Windows PC
  • Android Phones & Tablets
  • iPhones and iOS Devices

Features of TVTap

I think I have described all the basic things about the application and now you should be waiting for the features of the TVTap. Let’s proceed towards the features of the TVTap.

  • It’s Free: Since TVTap was designed to provide the facility of live television to the world at minimum cost, so the developers have put some advertisements in the app and made it free.
  • Simple Design: The design of the TVTap is very simple and easy to navigate, the color scheme that is used is quite friendly and doesn’t effect eyes if watched for a long time.
  • Full HD Channels: All the channels in this application are in full high definition that is a great point as it helps the users to watch their desired shows/dramas with ease.
  • Multiple Languages: As I described earlier there are more than 5 languages that are supported in this application, that means it is for a very vast audience.
  • Nine Categories: The Whole list of the channels in the application have been categories in nine different categories like movies, songs, kids, religion etc.
  • Bookmark & History: If you liked any channel and want to save it so that you can access that later then use bookmark feature while history tab allows you to see the list of channels you have watched.
  • Events Notification: If you want to watch any specific sports or any other event that will happen on a certain time then enable notification and you will see a notification when that event will start.
  • Powerful Filter: Using the filter that are available you can filter out the channels that you don’t want to see in your app’s homepage.


So, friends this was all about the features of the TVTap and I am sure you have enjoyed reading it. TV Tap is really a very cool application with amazing features and the best thing is they offer it for free. Using it you can watch your favorite sports on the Go.

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