TVTap iOS – Download TV Tap iOS & Enjoy Live TV 2019

If you want to get the TVTap iOS for your iPhone then you have landed on the right website.

As here I will give you the download links to the TVTap for iPhone and I am damn sure you will love it.

Television has become a need for time since it helps us to refresh our mind when we have nothing to do. But there is a problem with the traditional method of watching TV. We have to sit back in a specific place and watch it. This is a drawback of the televisions of the incident times.

But we are living in the 21st century and we have the gadgets like iPhone. And fortunately, there are developers who are developing amazing apps like TV Tap.

And here I will give you the links to the TVTap iOS file that you can download for free on your smartphone and can enjoy this awesome live TV streaming app anytime anywhere.

But, before I start I will cover all the basic things about it, and it is also important too.

What is TVTap iOS?

TVTap iOSIf you often watch TV shows, then you must be aware of a number of sites that you can use to stream live TV directly from your browser. These sites have one problem you cannot navigate through them very easily one the other hand, there are a bunch of apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that does allow you to watch TV but they are paid.

However, TVTap iOS is the one and only application that you can download for free of cost, there is not any subscription fee and you even don’t need to sign up for using it. All you need to do is to download and install it on your smartphone and you are done.

Whenever you want to watch live TV, simply launch the application from the app drawer and start streaming your favorite channels at any time at any place.

Moreover, there are lot more features because TV Tap is a full-featured application. And I do have briefly explained the features of the application below.

Features of TVTap iOS

There are chances that the most people are not aware of the TVTap App. The application is relatively new in the market so people get confused about it. Moreover, the application has also been rebranded the old name of the app was UKTVNow while the developers have renamed it.

As we were talking about the Features of the app so here I will describe them briefly while I do have created a detailed list of the features of the TV Tap you can also read that.

But for now, read a brief list of the features described below;

  • TVTap is available for free, so subscription fee, no registration required its a plug and play type app.
  • Almost 150 channels available from the top 10 most promising countries like USA, UK etc.
  • You can download it on your almost all devices that include Firestick, Kodi, PC etc.
  • All channels can be watched in full high definition without any kind of popup advertisements.
  • Powerful filter box that allows you to filter the channels on the basis of countries and languages.
  • Filter out the channels of any other country you don’t want to watch or you don’t like them.
  • Bookmark your favorite TV stations and watch them later when need.
  • Check the history tab for taking a view of the programs and channels that you had watched.
  • The user experience is very great, beautifully designed layout help users to navigate through the app quickly.
  • Attractive and user-friendly colors of the TVTap iOS helps you to use the app even at night and low light.
  • Data saver mood helps you to save data when you are in mobile data.
  • There are much more features in this app that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Does TVTap iOS Really Exist?

TVTap is an awesome app but unfortunately, it is not available for the iOS devices (its the bitter truth) but you have to digest it.

Let me explain why it is not available for the iPhone.

The reason behind this is applications that are developed for the Android are in the JavaScript it means if any developer who develops an app for a smartphone running Android OS will have to write its code in the JS.

While, on the other hand, those who develop apps for the iPhone have to write code in the XCode.

This is the main reason most of the applications that are available for the iPhone are not available for the Android and vice versa.

TVTap Alternatives for iPhone

As all of us know that the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. The reason is, the iPhone is really cool and provides great features to its users. That is why a lot of applications are developed for the iOS devices.

If you also own an iPhone and want to download TV Tap for your iPhone then it is not available for it. But there are a bunch of applications that are available for the iOS devices that you can use to stream live TV on your iOS devices.

Below I have listed the most popular and the highly recommended application for the iPhones that you can use to watch live television for free.

  • Mobdro: The number one application that is listed in the list of the most popular alternatives for the iOS devices is the Mobdro app. It is the super application that is much similar to the TVTap as the features of most of both applications are similar. You can download Mobdro application for free on your iPhone and can stream live television stations on the Go easily.
  • Mivo: Mivo is a freemium application that allows the users to stream live TV on their iPhones. The application offers the two version, one is free while the other is the paid one. In the free version, you will see the advertisements, while on the paid version there are not any ads. The free version also lacks some features while the paid version has much more features like data saving mode in the app.
  • Showbox: A lot of new applications are being developed for the iOS devices as the trend of the live TV apps is increasing people have started watching TV on their smartphone instead of a real physical television. Showbox is one such application that you can use to stream almost 1000+ channels for free of cost on your smartphone.


Okay, friends, at the end I would like to apologize from you as I had said that you can download TVTap iOS for your iPhone in the title of this post, but it is was wrong, the reason is I want you guys to not use any other applications by thinking that you have installed the real app.

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